Welcome to Misfit at Heart! ?

When I started Misfit at Heart, I had the ambition of turning it into an inspirational blog based on my favourite quotes from the music bands I am listening to. After a few years, however, it became a blog dedicated to my absolute favourite band Poets of the Fall. Now, I won’t lie to you or insult your intelligence, I will go on writing on that subject, but I moved everything to a subdomain (click the image below):

POTF - Misfit at Heart

Misfit at Heart… “an outsider’s inspiration blog”… is therefore under construction. The theme is pale/grey on purpose until I figure out its true purpose and bring you the inspiration and food for thoughts you need the same way I do to go about your everyday’s life.

No small feat to come up with such a niche, but everyone of you is so worth it. In the meantime, feel free to visit my “hobby blog” you might even find some inspiration in Poets of the Fall’s words… who knows.

See you around!