Misfit at Heart is my outlet, where my thoughts don’t need supervision… much. Here, I write about whatever I like, and as you’ve surely already noticed, it is mostly about my muses, me, myself and I… as well as all the writing in between. Here, you’ll always see the “face behind the grin“… here, the smile is genuine and warm. As one my favourite authors, Jane Austen, could have put it:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any artist in possession of an uncontrollable desire to express him- or herself and of an overpowering flow of ideas and imagination, must be self-absorbed.

Oh, I don’t do her justice by a long shot… but it is still fun to try…


As an outlet, the sky is the limit… right?! I’ve tried to go for a diverse source of inspiration, but in the end it is all about me: Yours Truly. After all, an outlet can be anything, but when one writes a blog, it tends to become some sort of public diary when its function is indeed a means of expressing what’s inside. There are many ways to talk about oneself, I try to do so with humour and keep a reasonable perspective on what makes me tick.

What’s with the cat?

I am fascinated with Japanese culture. Of course, I have not studied it, but was introduced to it by Studio Ghibli and their Anime. The story telling, the characters and the inspiration are embedded in the Japanese pop culture. Cats are all so much present… Maneki-neko or Lucky cat has an interesting meaning, and varies from the colour to which paw is raised. The white maneki-neka stands for good fortune, luck and while it is true when the right paw is raised, the left paw is believed to stand for attracting customers.  I chose that one mostly because it was cute… but had it been purple, it would have meant opportunity.


As you well guessed, this is a made up name… Cat because of the possible meanings the Japanese pop culture gives it and “Scious” stands for consciousness. Me, myself and I… Hope, Catscious and I… Far fetched but my mind works in mysterious ways which I often cannot keep up with.

Hope & Catscious

They are characters I have created to bring forth my inner thoughts and questioning. I never wanted to be very serious and I found these two hilarious… at least, they are hilarious in my head. They are diverting but often have a point… whether they take it seriously or not is another matter entirely, my control over them is rather limited.

So, we’ll see how far we can go…

Welcome to my world! ?