Welcome to Misfit at Heart! ?

When I started Misfit at Heart, I had the ambition of turning it into an inspirational blog based on my favourite quotes from the music bands I am listening to. After a few years, however, it became a blog dedicated to my absolute favourite band Poets of the Fall. Now, I won’t lie to you or insult your intelligence, I will go on writing on that subject, but I moved everything to a subdomain (click the image below):

POTF - Misfit at Heart

Misfit at Heart… “or how to redefine oneself on one’s own”… is therefore under construction. The theme is under advisement (at me, myself and I counselling  😆 ) and may vary now and then until I am satisfied with the result. However, I do need to write the content and will soon publish the new first post. 

Now, I have figured out the purpose of Misfit at Heart… and because the title kind of defines me in more ways than none, I guess it will be about who I am. A journal that might just as well be as inspirational as one would wish.

See you around!