Misfit Heart


Misfit Heart, Le Mag’, has the dream mission of supporting the independent artists we love and help them get one step closer to their own dreams. At the same time, support the fight for climate change, one album, merch, concert etc. at a time. How much of a dreamer am I really, do you think? 🥰

Disclosure about pictures in the header: Shinedown & Kamelot pictures are borrowed for fair use. Poets of the Fall photos were shot by Misfit Heart. All links on the About page are free from commission.


Misfit Heart, Le Mag’, focuses on indie and more established bands, solo artists, regardless of the genre, as long as it fits the vastness of the heart and the infinite side-roads it leads to.

About us

Us, is really a team of one… as French singer, Renaud, sings “je suis une bande de jeunes à moi tout seul” (I’m a bunch of young people all on my own). I don’t know about “young” though 😂. More recently, Kamelot catch their listeners (yours truly included) with “I’m an army of one” – Source: One More Flag in the Ground, from the album The Awakening, released March 2023.

I am a fan… I am a dreamer, but as Professor Dumbledore would say “it doesn’t do to dwell on dreams“. So, I finally kicked myself in the behind to stop dreaming my ideas, and started putting them into actions (one at a time). I will not lie, nor hide the facts that it all started with Poets of the Fall, and it certainly will continue with them, just not exclusively. I have felt the urge to explore this vast and rich artistic world, especially the dark corners, where not so many spotlights are shining on, yet should.

Since I am a dreamer, I am also an idealist. I believe that climate change should be one of humanity’s priorities. Idealist, yes, but also quite a realist too. What I refuse to fall into is negativism. Now enough of these abstract notions.

How do I plan to do all that?

One article at a time, I’ll share what music I love is all about for me… more than just reviews, my ambitions is to dig deep within and the songs, to grasp and unveil what such a song means to me and ultimately to  you. I do not pretend holding answers. Sometimes though, I write only what I feel without much of analysis, because I just need to let it out and share with you.  The look I cast on music is very subjective to my own perception and references. Many of the artists I love are indie artists, some aren’t and some I have yet to discover.

The journey is usually richer than the goal. I hope very much that you’ll find that you wish to follow in my divagations for a while.

Back story & Influences

Misfit Heart was born around 2011, under another name and old pretenses – not false though, just obsolete today. It took a few years for it to be properly “baptized” into Misfit Heart. The name came to me after I spined Shinedown‘s song Misfits on full repeat for about a week – Threat to Survival, 2015. I do not know exactly why that term stuck to me like the song that you don’t want to remember but plays in your head all day long – but it did. Sometimes, music sends warning signs before you even know something’s wrong – or that a change is required.

It took a burn-out for me to discover the amazing Finnish rock band Poets of the Fall. They made me feel again… they turned the silence that enclosed my heart into a new hunger for music. Ultimately, they pulled me out of my despair. The rest though, is history 🙃. I have written thousands of words about the band… which you can read over here: PotF – Misfit Heart, some better than others, but always a privilege to spend so much time in their company. Almost ten years later, the band is still number one in my heart, but I want more.

Misfit Heart has known many variations, but ultimately, I need to go back to the source, the core and what makes me tick. I want to inspire and be inspired, but mostly I need to do this for me so that you will find authenticity and sincerity in the articles that you read.

See you out there, until then, take good care of yourselves!

Yours Truly 🎶

/Claire 😘