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    Larry Sandman – A conversation with the sandman himself

    Today is a very special day, because today we had a long interesting and fun conversation with the amazing Larry Sandman. Larry Sandman, the creative mind behind the gorgeous single “Upside Down”, released June 3rd this year. Larry, the man who knows how to surround himself with like-minded artists to produce beautiful songs, rock and classy with a dash of “je n’sais quoi” that makes all the difference. Before we start, go pre-order Larry Sandman’s debut album on iTunes More Than Free to be released June 21st 2022.   Origins: in a few words, who is Larry Sandman? [Larry] First of all Claire, let me say thanks. I appreciate you…

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    Larry Sandman – Upside Down Video feat. Marko Saaresto, out 03.06.2022

    When the Sandman himself announced his new single Upside Down featuring Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, my mind went straight to Poets of the Fall. I counted the x’s and Marko Saaresto fitted exactly. I thought to myself, nah, this can’t be right. I hoped of course, because I realised what this would mean to Larry Sandman: a wider exposure of his music, among other things. I hoped but dared not saying it out loud. Then, Larry replaced the first X with M… my mind went wild and after that it did not take long before he let us all on the secret 🥰. Obsessed much? Maybe. In truth, I am devoted to…