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    Sam J. Lance – The Man Behind Better Off Video, Brave Liaison 11.07.2023

    As I wrote the article about Brave Liaison’s track Better Off, I was left with many questions for the Director Sam J. Lance. He very kindly obliged and answered a few of them, I was floored 🙃. Thank you so much Sam for taking the time and providing such detailed answers 🥰. [Sam] Hey Claire! Thank you for getting in touch! I’m more than happy to answer some questions, thank you for taking such an interest in the band and the video, it really means a lot to all of us! I do ramble a little bit, so feel free to trim down any of my answers haha!😁 Doctor Who…

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    Larry Sandman – A conversation with the sandman himself

    Today is a very special day, because today we had a long interesting and fun conversation with the amazing Larry Sandman. Larry Sandman, the creative mind behind the gorgeous single “Upside Down”, released June 3rd this year. Larry, the man who knows how to surround himself with like-minded artists to produce beautiful songs, rock and classy with a dash of “je n’sais quoi” that makes all the difference. Before we start, go pre-order Larry Sandman’s debut album on iTunes More Than Free to be released June 21st 2022.   Origins: in a few words, who is Larry Sandman? [Larry] First of all Claire, let me say thanks. I appreciate you…

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    Jay Ray – A conversation with a very talented solo artist

    Long, long overdue conversation with a very talented artist: Jay Ray. For those of you who don’t know him yet, he recorded a song with Marko Saaresto “Striven”. He is an artist to watch! Believe me, you did not wait in vain dear readers. What an interesting and inspiring life he is leading. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I am thrilled to have Jay Ray on PotF – Misfit Heart. What better way to finish the year? [Misfit] It took me a while, but I can honestly say that I am irrevocably hooked to your music. You have a very distinctive signature which gives you an authentic…