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Last updated: April, 12th 2020

Citizen of the world, I have a fondness for writing – and I love dogs and all animals (except for wasps, mosquitoes, scorpions and spiders… OK, an exception for small spiders, which I always try to save from the vacuum cleaner ?).

If I were a musician, I’d be progressive in the largest sense of the term… as it is, I am a proud Progressive thinker, who writes to breathe… and trust me when I say, I’ve been holding my breath for a long time… still am it would seem, as I have barely written anything in what seems like ages. I am socially outgoing for the most part, as long as I get to remain universally introvert.

Welcome to my world!

Blogger at times, writer always

For years, I have tried to figure out what blogging meant… I read a lot of tips about dos and don’ts; I bought a boot camp e-book about blogging… you name it, I probably read it but forgot all about it. None of it helped anyway. I write because it is fun – or at least supposed to be; because I can; because some say (me included) I am good at it… When I was a younger girl (note the comparative adjective here instead of the simple adjective form) I had a secret diary, you know the one with a key that you hide from everyone because you write your most private and intimate thoughts in it. I had one of those, but it was mostly blank until I decided to use it as a playlists memento. I’d write the songs I should record from the radio onto a cassette. This is what my diary was about… music. So, it is only right that one of my blogs should be inspired by music…

There are so many types of blogs, these days, that it is impossible to keep up with trends and all which is popular. At the same time, I have never been that popular in school and never really wanted to be either… what? yes, “train of thoughts” and association of ideas, never a good match with me ? Anyway, I have been writing poetry (with two self-published books), started a couple of stories long ago – which I have taken up again in order to publish if they ever get done – articles on blogs (I had many before Misfit at Heart)… mostly WordPress blogs actually, been a fervent user for about 8-10 years. Yes, I’ve been around, looking for myself in my writing I suppose. I then realised what blogging was to me: it is like keeping a journal really and with that, I can write about whatever I please without having to follow the rules of dos and don’ts. Of course, finding a niche to write about in order to get readers is the cherry on the cake…

My niche has become a growing interest, to say the least, and my journal is Misfit at Heart… I don’t make a living out of blogging, but it beats the odds of turning my back on my creativity.

What’s with the cat when I seem to be a dog person… I’ll tell you more in a new blog post …


To make my self-portrait accurate, and since I told this to a fellow blogger not that long ago with other words, being creative does not always pay the bills – in my case not ever. So to keep my creativity alive, I am following Plan B… nothing special about it, but for the people, I get to meet. Plan A is still an option that could become true at some point, I have to believe that to make Plan B worth the effort. Never giving up on my dreams is what keeps me going through ups and downs, jumping through hoops that I did not choose and dealing with challenges that push me to better myself every day.

In other words, Plan A is still on and very much alive!


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