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    Sam J. Lance – The Man Behind Better Off Video, Brave Liaison 11.07.2023

    As I wrote the article about Brave Liaison’s track Better Off, I was left with many questions for the Director Sam J. Lance. He very kindly obliged and answered a few of them, I was floored 🙃. Thank you so much Sam for taking the time and providing such detailed answers 🥰. [Sam] Hey Claire! Thank you for getting in touch! I’m more than happy to answer some questions, thank you for taking such an interest in the band and the video, it really means a lot to all of us! I do ramble a little bit, so feel free to trim down any of my answers haha!😁 Doctor Who…

  • Official Release,  Singles

    Brave Liaison, Better Off, Single Release 07.07.2023

    Better Off is the brand new single by British Alternative Rock band Brave Liaison from Cambridge. As with all their releases, the melody is easily remembered, hummed, automatically dragging your foot along until the move becomes a mirror to the rhythm of the bass and the drums. Simple in its composition, yet efficient and powerful, Better Off won’t leave you unmoved. Ever since I discovered Brave Liaison last year, I have followed the band with great interest and enthusiasm. Better Off  follows the pattern of meaningful lyrics and brings a dimension to the band’s music that I particularly affectionate. I’ve said it before, Brave Liaison has something to say and…