Misfit Heart

Welcome Home

Le Mag’ is an extension of PotF – Misfit Heart, or rather the latter is an extension of the former which came second. Well no, it came first but became second as the latter took the first prize. 

Le Mag’ is a sort of music magazine in the form of a blog. Here I share what the music I love means to me… I do not hold any truth about lyrics’ meanings, only mine. You may read more on the About Page. The articles you’ll find here, as Le Mag’ is launched, are “those that were(1)… published on PotF – Misfit Heart; “those that are(1)… currently being worked on by yours truly; “those that have not yet come to pass(1)… as the music has not been shared with the rest of the world at present. I trust, however, that we may expect great things in the remaining of this year and those that are to follow, for we have witnessed great music releases ever since the start of the year… and preceding years.

(1) Don’t hate me, I love Professor Tolkien’s work.

I don’t really write reviews, though I may refer to my articles as such now and again. Here is what you may expect for the coming weeks / months – in no particular order and not limited to:

Albums from:

  • Kamelot: The Awakening
  • Poets of the Fall: Ghostlight (revisited which should be a throwback really)

Throwback with:

  • Larry Sandman: More than Free
  • Brave Liaison: Everything’s Affected
  • Jay Ray: Self-Resonance

Singles from:

  • Brave Liaison: Better Off
  • Third Lung: It’s a Long Way to the Top (AC/DC’s cover)
  • Larry Sandman: Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd’s cover)
  • Larry Sandman: The Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young’s cover)

Some articles are in draft mode and I hit a wall… therefore some perspectives need shifting. Some others are only in my head, and have been for a while. I know not to force anything so I patiently wait until the right red thread comes out of hiding. I don’t wait for a revelation mind you, I tweak and twist and turn… erase, rephrase until the core of what I feel finally leaves the shadows of my heart.

But until then, welcome to my world friends 😘,

Be kind to one another and take care of yourselves! 🥰

Yours Truly,